How Lack of Training Deteriorates Your Business

Imagine throwing a warrior into battle without his sword and shield.

That’s what it’s like to deploy your employees into production without proper training. And it doesn’t stop after your employees’ two months of getting hired. Training is an ongoing process. Just like how your business is growing, your staff needs to continue improving their skills so they can keep bringing in happy and satisfied customers. If you don’t invest in adequate training, you’re bound to spend more money than what you actually only have to.

But what does it really cost your business if your employees are trained inadequately?


1.     Substandard Quality of Work

Your employees are essential pillars of your business. A pillar is less likely to keep a building standing for a long time if it’s made out of bamboos. It has to be made of concrete, and much like concrete, you also have to strengthen your employees’ skills and capabilities. Poor and inadequate training results to subpar work quality an unhappy customers. This also leads to increased numbers of your employees being unhappy and unsatisfied, which then eventually spirals to low retention rates. When your staff is adequately trained, they’re most likely to develop better confidence with their work, improve customer service and bring in more business, making them happier and satisfied of being a part of your organization.

2.     Increased Expenses for Business

Unless you have an overflowing amount of money, you don’t want to spend more than what you actually only need to. While developing an effective and efficient training program can sometimes be costly for your business, it’s one of the most important investments that you need to prioritize if you want to bring in more success for your organization. If you do the math, you’ll also realize that it’s actually cheaper to spend on quality training for your current staff rather than constantly replacing them for bad work performance. 

Think of it this way, you buy a laptop that’s pricier than a typewriter, because you want to perform more tasks that a cheap typewriter could never do. It may cost you now, but you’ll definitely thank yourself in the future for that investment.

3.     Unhappy Employees

It’s less likely that your staff can stand in a stall selling perfumes, confident and all smiles if they don’t know about what they’re selling. Employees who are trained inadequately are more like to experience subpar job performance and be more prone to work-related stress. It’s almost instinctive for humans to pull themselves out of a situation where they don’t feel safe or happy. Chances are, if your employees are unhappy and unsatisfied, they’re more likely to search elsewhere for better job opportunities. Treat your staff with adequate training so they don’t use your office’s internet connection to start looking for other jobs.

4.     Unhappy Customers

If your staff is not producing quality work, they’re obviously not making their customers happy. The last thing you want to do is put off potential customers and alienate your existing ones.

Lack of proper and efficient training for your staff trickles down to how they deal with your customers. If they don’t know what’s good about the pancake maker they’re selling or how to fix it, you can’t expect them to convince your customers to start making pancakes for breakfast more often.


Business is a competition. You can’t sit back and relax while your competitors are constantly looking for better ways to improve their staff’s skills. While it’s true that newer models of training can be costly in today’s business scene, it’s an essential investment that you need to make if you want to be successful. Don’t throw your warriors into battle without their sword and shield.