Employee Happiness: Why You Should Make It a Top Priority

An “unhappy” employee brings “unhappy” results.


This statement is more than enough to remind business owners that “unhappy” does not equate to “success”. To put it simply, the better investment you make for your employees, the better success you get for your business. This is why it’s important for companies to make employee happiness one of their top priorities


Here are --- reasons why a happy employee is critical for your business:

1. Happy Employees are Less Stressed.

Only a masochist wants to eat stress for breakfast. While it’s true that pressure and stress can sometimes come up at work, there are hundreds of ways that you can lessen them. The more you lower your employees’ stress levels, the happier they are. The happier they are, the more productive they become.

2. Encourages Great Collaborative Work.

When you invest in strengthening relationships between you, your employees and their colleagues, you are creating an environment where they can openly share thoughts and ideas with you and towards each other. Even a writer who sits in the back and prefers to work by himself, would feel safer to hear opinions from his peers about how he can maybe make the titles of his articles better.

3. Nurtures the Right Attitude.

You want your employees to have a can-do attitude. Employees who are unhappy carry negative energy that can stifle their performance and creativity. When you get them in the habit of nurturing positive attitude towards their work, you condition them to be create more wins more frequently.

4. Encourages Risk-taking.

Business is about taking risks for the right rewards. An employee who constantly keeps it safe, stays in one place. The more you encourage them and let them know that they play an important in your business’ growth, the more driven they will be to take calculated risks and bring you great results.

5.  Strengthens Employee Retention. You don’t want to treat your employees like they are dispensable. If your staff keeps leaving, you will keep circling back to square one. Happy and satisfied employees look at their work as their second home and their colleagues their second family. When they feel happy to come to work, they are less likely to go looking for other work opportunities.

6.  Improves Customer Satisfaction. Lastly, keep in mind that your employees are essential pillars of your business. They keep the business going, so when these pillars break, everything slows down and starts to break. Good pillars are happy employees. When they are happy, they are productive and effective, and so they bring great customer service, which leaves your customers happy and satisfied.

You should also take note that at the end of the day, you don’t have full control over each of your employees’ happiness. Some of them may have problems outside of work, and as a leader, there’s a thin line between you being supportive and intrusive. Let them know that you are there to readily offer resources or support that’s available for them.


Always remember that a shared vision between you and your team creates genuine employee happiness. Invest in your team’s happiness and you will surely reap great success in your business. Trust that teamwork truly makes the dream work!