Commentary: The Philippines Potential in Cybersecurity Through AI

The Philippines’ Potential in Cybersecurity Through AI
The recent statement by Phil Rodrigues, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Commercial head of security for Asia Pacific and Japan, about the potential of the Philippines to become a leader in cybersecurity through the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) is a testament to the country’s untapped potential.

AI in Cybersecurity
Rodrigues highlighted the role of generative AI in training cybersecurity professionals in the Philippines, enabling the country to “leap ahead” of its current status. He cited tools such as Amazon Inspector, an automated vulnerability management service, and Amazon CodeWhisperer, a productivity tool that generates secure code suggestions. These tools, he said, can improve code security, a practical starting point for the Philippines.
The Philippines currently has around 200 cybersecurity professionals, compared to around 3,000 in Singapore. This gap presents an opportunity for the Philippines to invest in AI tools and training to increase its cybersecurity workforce and expertise.

AWS’ Role and Initiatives
AWS has launched initiatives such as the re/Start program and the AI Ready program. The re/Start program provides free skills training to inspire Filipinos to transition into a career in cloud computing. The AI Ready program commits to providing free AI skills training to two million people worldwide by 2025. These initiatives are crucial in equipping Filipinos with the necessary skills to leverage AI in cybersecurity.

The Philippines’ Path to Digital Leadership
The Philippines has the potential to become a leader in cybersecurity through the use of AI. With the right tools, training, and initiatives, the country can harness this potential to enhance its cybersecurity landscape and create a safer digital environment for its citizens. The statement by Rodrigues serves as a call to action for the Philippines to seize this opportunity and invest in its future in cybersecurity.
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