3 Steps to Finding the Best Customer Service Representatives

Whether you are apple support, amazon support, google customer support or uber customer support, finding and keeping the highest quality customer service, you must follow 3 simple steps that we’ll give you today. If you are a company that just needs 1 employee to a company that needs thousands, this article will help ensure you don’t go through the same trouble again and again.

Step 1: Finding the representative
Finding the right representative for the job is all about requirements and questions you provide in the job description. Questions like, “How many hours a day have you sat answering calls?” This question a lot of times may detour the person if they really aren’t ready to sit and answer calls all day/night. Scrubbing your applicants before they even apply for the job.

Step 2: Eliminating the least compatible
Before you start taking interviews with the endless applicants that come in, look through their resumes to ensure they meet your requirements that you have stated in the job description from years of experience, to job history turn over & above all, their skills. 

Once you have found those people that have made it to your interview list, preparing your questions to properly ask these individuals along with preparing a test that requires them to not only multitask but also, give some industry specific questions that will test them on their confidence in the position they believe to be qualified for. 

These steps are essential to weeding out the applicants that are just there to shmooze their way through the interview process.

Step 3: Give them homework 
This homework must be tailored to the industry that you are in & must be turned in by a certain deadline. This small step that would seem to be very easy, is viewed to many as unnecessary and difficult. You would be quite mesmerized by the amount of people that turn that assignment in late or wrong. By doing this, you’re third step has taken out the many that aren’t a good fit for you. By doing this, expect a drastic change in the quality and turn over percentages from here on out! 

Take these steps & we can ensure that you are going to be working exactly like the top professionals providing customer support, App support, IT Support & Data entry! These professionals have over a 90% employee retention rate for any industry! 

Happy Hiring!